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HILARIOUS: BlazeTV comedian roasts Biden’s SOTU address — 'His cabinet? What is it, Imodium and Tylenol?

HILARIOUS: BlazeTV comedian roasts Biden’s SOTU address — 'His cabinet? What is it, Imodium and Tylenol?

“Every time you find humor in a difficult situation, you win.”

If this proverb is true, then Dave Landau won big last night with his commentary on Biden’s State of the Union address.

It’s an understatement to say the president’s speech was “a difficult situation” — a cataclysmic nightmare is perhaps a better descriptor. All the more credit to Dave.

Somehow, his comedy was able to bring light to Biden’s droning monologue about increased funding for Ukraine, enshrining abortion, and the danger of Trumpers, among other subjects.

Before the address even began, Dave set in on Sleepy Joe, first pointing out the president’s tardiness.

“Do you think they pulled over at a gas station and they're changing him on a Koala table?” he asked, adding that Biden’s doctor was probably preparing him for the speech by hooking him up “to a morphine drip, except it has to be meth.”

As for the audience members, Dave said, “What I love is what [Biden’s] done with diversity. Like, if you look at the room right now, it looks like a Joseph A. Bank fitting room in Salt Lake City.”

“Usually when there's this many well-dressed 80-year-olds in a room, somebody's getting embalmed,” he added.

Biden’s cabinet didn’t escape Dave’s caustic humor either.

“His cabinet? What is it, Imodium and Tylenol?”

As the president made his way to the podium, the audience erupted in applause. To that, Dave asked, “What are you clapping for? That he hasn’t fallen?”

“The only way that he could look more … ‘with it’ is if Mitch McConnell opens for him and closes with a stroke.”

And that’s just before the speech began.

To hear seven hilarious minutes of Dave’s best moments from last night’s SOTU roast, watch the clip below.

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