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Abbott sends migrants overwhelming Texas to New York

Pat Gray Unleashed

Title 42 has been lifted, and illegal migrants are now pouring across the border.

Pat and Keith of "Pat Gray Unleashed" are left wondering where exactly the migrants are going and how America is going to handle it.

“They’re just flying them here, to the interior of Texas, and letting them go,” Gray says.

Gray mentions that some of the migrants are being told they don’t have to show up for a court date until 2035.

“You might as well just set them loose and tell them, ‘Do what you want,’ because they’re going to be so established in the country after 12 years, that it would almost be ridiculous for them to show up to their court date,” he adds.

While the question of where these illegals will go remains one of the biggest, Governor Abbott has taken matters into his own hands by sending them to the blue state of New York.

“One of the most brilliant political maneuvers of all time from Governor Abbott,” Gray says.

Governor Kathy Hochul took to MSNBC to complain about the maneuver.

“We already have over 61,000, over 40,000 housed in New York City. They’re bursting at the seams and Mayor Adams is doing the very best he can in a difficult situation,” she says.

She adds, “Now we’re in the position of trying to help find places for these individuals” and that “you’re going to start seeing people living in tents not just on the border, but in the streets of New York and across New York State because we’ve reached a breaking point.”

Gray doesn’t feel sorry for her, commenting, “We in the Southwest have been going through this everyday for 60 years.”

“They’re just getting a small, little taste of what Texas and Arizona and New Mexico and California have been dealing with for decades, and they don’t like it.”

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