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'FBI wants you to snitch on your neighbors': Pat Gray reacts to FBI's tweet

Pat Gray Unleashed

The FBI posted a tweet recommending that Americans snitch on their "family members and peers" if they are suspected of homegrown violent extremism.

In this clip, Pat Gray compared the recent FBI recommendations to those issued by the Department of Homeland Security following the 9/11 terrorist attack.

The FBI tweet also linked to a booklet from the Department of National Intelligence that provides a list of "risk factors" to watch out for including:

  1. Preparing and disseminating a martyrdom video/statement, last will (i.e., final statement)
  2. Seeking religious or political justification for a planned violent act
  3. Attempting to mobilize others to violence, especially family members and peers
  4. Seeking help from family, peers, or authority figures to enable travel to join terrorist groups overseas
  5. Preparing to travel to fight with or support terrorist groups
  6. Communicating intent to engage in violent extremist activity; a threat with justification for action (e.g., social media post, tweet, hashtag, manifesto)
  7. Suspiciously obtaining or attempting (illegally or otherwise) to obtain explosive precursors
  8. Simulating an attack/assault, or dry run, with focus on local or other real-world targets
  9. Surveilling potential targets
  10. Inquiring about jobs that provide sensitive access (e.g., critical infrastructure, transportation, law enforcement, military, Intelligence Community) in a suspicious manner
  11. Conducting research for target or tactic selection (e.g., acquiring maps, blueprints, schematics, technical capabilities, planning and logistics information)
  12. Suspicious sending of financial resources, electronic equipment, or survivalist gear to people or groups overseas
  13. Receiving unexplained monies from third parties overseas 1
  14. Expressing acceptance of violence as a necessary means to achieve ideological goals (e.g., communicating desire for revenge, promoting violent extremist narratives, sharing and praising violent extremist videos)
  15. Attempting to radicalize others, especially family members and peers
  16. Creating or joining a group that promotes violence to address perceived social, political, or ideological grievances
  17. Having an acknowledged or implied membership in or association with violent extremist groups (e.g., individuals declare they are ISIS on social media, post terrorist symbols — green birds, flags, lions)
  18. Participating in online sites or groups that promote violent extremism
  19. Communicating directly with violent extremists online
  20. Seeking or claiming relationships with incarcerated or infamous violent extremists Read more...

Pat came up with his own version of the list:

  • Are they white?
  • Do they own a gun?
  • Have they ever said anything positive about Donald J. Trump?
  • Did they actually vote for Donald J. Trump?
  • Do they have an American flag? If so, do they ever fly it?
  • Do they express their political opinions freely?
  • Are their opinions the opposite of the current administration?
  • Do they listen to country music?
We are going to find the violent extremists and root them out, Pat noted sarcastically, you can snitch on your family members and root them out.
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