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VIDEO: An Honest Ad From Your Democratic Party Spokesperson (Parody)


Here's your Democratic 'Spokesperson' with a brutally honest message for Americans about the great reasons to vote for Joe Biden and other wonderful Democratic candidates this November.

BlazeTV's Allie Stuckey demonstrated a kind demeanor that perfectly showcased her destruction of the values and principles upheld by the Democratic party in 2020.

"You know us as the party of love, tolerance, and compassion, but we're much more than that. We're the party of science, and the science is clear," Allie said with a smile. She then listed gender issues, abortion rights, and vaccines (which are only successful if created when Trump isn't president).

"Democrats stand for justice. That means we will ruin a man's based on no evidence because we believe all women," Allie said sarcastically. "Unless they're Tara Reade."

Later, Allie addressed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

"Our candidate is sharp and not at all in cognitive decline. I mean, who really knows what the Declaration says anyway," Allie said.

Watch the video and enjoy the smackdown in this on-time political ad parody.

Be sure to check out Allie's YouTube channel.

Here at the Democratic Party, we can't wait to tell you all the great reasons to vote for Joe Biden and all of our other wonderful candidates.

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