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FASCINATING: Does the right need MORE atheism? Here’s one evolutionary biologist’s compelling argument

FASCINATING: Does the right need MORE atheism? Here’s one evolutionary biologist’s compelling argument

One of the biggest debates of our current day revolves around gender. What is gender? How is it different from biological sex? Do feelings determine truth?

Allie Beth Stuckey invites evolutionary biologist Dr. Colin Wright on the show to discuss these highly inflammatory topics.

Surprisingly, Allie and Dr. Wright agree on a number of these controversies despite the fact that Dr. Wright is an atheist while Allie is a Christian.

“Men who are naturally very feminine – this doesn't mean they're born in the wrong body; this doesn't mean they have a gender identity of a female,” says Dr. Wright, adding that it’s entirely possible and even normal for someone to be “gender non-conforming.”

“Sex atypicality is a thing; this shouldn’t be shunned,” but how someone chooses to express themselves should not affect “sports and changing rooms [and] what prisons you go to,” he tells Allie.

Where the two differ is on the subject of the origins of truth. While Allie sees God as the ultimate arbiter of truth, Dr. Wright looks to science.

But does this ultimately matter when they arrive at the same conclusion? Both agree biological sex is fixed and that someone’s feelings do not change that, even if they arrived at that conclusion via different ideologies.

Dr. Wright even says that despite his “evolutionary perspective,” he connects better with Christians than the woke crowd because Christians and atheists both “acknowledge the reality of biological sex,” while progressives “think their reality is constructed through language.”

And since this gender debate has grown even more intense and divisive, Dr. Wright thinks Republicans would be wise to embrace more atheists.

In a recent interview between Charlie Kirk and Tucker Carlson, Tucker said that he finds atheism – the complete rejection of divinity – “childish” and “hilarious.”

To this, Dr. Wright responded with “the right needs more atheism.”

“What I don't mean is that I think the people on the right who are Christians need to convert to atheism and denounce their God,” he clarifies.

“I think that there are a lot of atheists who are disaffected from the left,” he explains, adding that many prominent figures in the atheist community are “opposed to the woke takeover.”

“A lot of us feel politically homeless,” he explains, “and we feel more affinity to the values that we see that are over on the right that are shared by many Christians, even though we're not Christian ourselves.”

Dr. Wright thinks that the right needs to focus on “shared values” rather than “where these values came from” and in doing so grow the number of people fighting to save objective truth.

“Some core principle values related to free speech … [and] the limits of certain governments – you know, these are the things that I think matter most in terms of morality and connecting with people” rather than “was this the result of evolution or was this … done by a divine creator,” he tells Allie.

To hear their full conversation, watch the video below.

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