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Allie Stuckey: Christians care more about ending the slaughter of unborn babies than Trump's tweets


This makes for an easy voting decision

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Conservative millennial and host of " Relatable," Allie Beth Stuckey, highlighted the values and issues that are important to evangelical Christian voters and noted that when Americans cast their vote next November, a vote for Trump is an easy decision when the alternative is socialism.

"You know what Christians care more about than Trump's tweets or his past sex-life? Christians care about the slaughtering of unborn children, they care about the safety and security of our citizens, they care about hard work and they care about religious freedom," Stuckey said.

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Stuckey added that though she doesn't care for much of the ridiculous tweets shared out from the president's Twitter account, when she looks to the left and sees what is coming at our freedom from the other side, the tweets do not seem so bad.

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