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The left has been coming for your children for nearly a century

The left has been coming for your children for nearly a century

Although the phrase “we’re coming for your children” went viral during this year’s Pride Month, the concept is not new.

In fact, Liz Wheeler, author of “Hide Your Children: Exposing the Marxists Behind the Attack on America's Kids,” says that “the left has been trying to re-engineer our society” for a very long time – “nearly a century.”

“Unfortunately, they’ve been quite successful,” she tells Allie Beth Stuckey.

“They have captured … four out of the five major foundational cultural institutions,” including the media, the education system, several religious institutions, the law, “and they’ve just about destroyed the nuclear family as well,” Liz laments.

“There is one element of the nuclear family left standing, [and] that's children,” she says, “which probably explains why the left has set their target on our children.”

“Why the children?” asks Allie.

“Communists and marxists have focused on trying to destroy the nuclear family for a long time” because “the nuclear family has always been the bulwark against evil; it's always been the institution around which society was properly engineered,” Liz explains.

In order to deconstruct the nuclear family, each pillar must fall – those pillars being man, woman, marriage, sex, and children.

When you consider how the left has villainized masculinity, fanned the flames of toxic feminism, succeeded in radically decreasing marriage rates, encouraged recreational sex, and is now indoctrinating children, you can clearly see the calculated attack on the nuclear family.

“Marxists understand that if they can radically alienate children from parents, if they can destroy parental rights, if they can cause children to willingly turn against their parents, then what is the purpose of a nuclear family?” asks Liz.

So how do we stop this? How do we protect our kids from a society that seeks to destroy them?

Although many look to conservative leaders to fix this issue, Liz says the answer is not to be found in the Republican Party. To hear her full analysis, watch the video below.

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