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'Los Angeles has Fallen': Documentary sheds light on rat-infested, disease-riddled reality for America's homeless citizens
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'Los Angeles has Fallen': Documentary sheds light on rat-infested, disease-riddled reality for America's homeless citizens

'Why are illegal immigrants prioritized over the needs of American citizens?'

In the latest episode of "Slightly Offens*ve," Elijah Schaffer hosts a mini-documentary on the shocking epidemic of homelessness and spread of "medieval" diseases in Los Angeles, California.

Elijah spoke with residents of a homeless encampment alongside Freeway 405, as well as several volunteers who were part of a massive clean up effort lead by Scott Presler, the conservative activist who organized the "Americans helping Americans" clean up in West Baltimore in August.

Walking past piles of disease-ridden trash, Elijah described the "putrifying smell" of numerous rat carcasses crawling with insects.

"It smells like death. Everywhere I walk it smells like death, and it sucks so bad, and I don't want to be here," said one homeless woman.

Volunteers wore hazmat suits and masks due to the threat of diseases like typhus, bubonic plague, and necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating bacterial infection.

"I've never seen anything like the trash and homelessness in L.A. and Orange County," said one volunteer. "It's horrific. It's a human rights issue. They are afraid of plague breaking out in places like this. They're afraid of typhus and other medieval diseases. It's horrible."

"Yes, there were rats. Yes, there were needles. Yes, we did have to wear hazmat suits for fear of catching typhus," Scott Presler told Elijah. "My question is, where are the elected officials here in California? Where are you?"

"President Trump called this out for what it is," added another volunteer. "He said these cities really need to be looked at, that ... it's a health crisis and we need to start paying attention to it. And the Democrats laughed at it, they laughed at him."

"Another thing is that Democrat-run cities tend to have these kinds of issues -- Chicago, L.A., San Francisco, these sanctuary cities -- it's no surprise that we tend to have these kinds of issues more than other cities in the country," she continued. "We really need to look at that, and what the Democratic leadership is doing to these cities."

Scott said that hundreds of volunteers showed up from all over the country to help with the massive clean up effort in downtown Los Angeles.

"There are 500 thousand homeless Americans. There are 50 thousand homeless veterans. There are 3.6 million black children in poverty, 4 million Hispanic children in poverty, and 4.2 million white children living in poverty," Scott said. "The biggest question that the American people need to ask is, why are illegal immigrants prioritized over the needs of American citizens? Why are American citizens sleeping in these camps, sleeping on the streets, while illegal immigrants come first?"

Watch all of Elijah's "Los Angeles has Fallen" mini-documentary below:

[Warning: Graphic Content}

Los Angeles Has Fallenyoutu.be

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