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CHAOS in Portland: Proud Boys CLASH with ANTIFA, BlazeTV reporter maced by rioters

Slightly Offens*ve
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A "Summer of Love" event turned violent as Antifa clashed with right-wing groups in Portland, Oregon, and BlazeTV's Savanah Hernandez got caught in the middle of the chaos. On the latest episode of "Slightly Offensive," Savanah sat down with host Elijah Schaffer, Sydney Watson and Lisa Reynolds to describe the scene as it unfolded.

A right-wing group called "Patriots Spreading Love Not Hate" initially planned a "non-violent" rally at the Salmon Springs Fountain in downtown Portland, but the event was relocated to an abandoned K-mart parking lot approximately 8 miles away. Organizers reportedly claimed the move was an attempt to avoid a confrontation, according to Savanah.

Altercations broke out when Antifa members showed up at the event and were met by groups including the Proud Boys armed with bear mace and tear gas. Ultimately, members of the Proud Boys smashed and flipped a van after its occupants were chased away from the scene.

Watch the video clip below or find the full episode of "Slightly Offensive" here:

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