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Steve Deace To Conservative Voters: 'Mitch McConnell is not ignorant. He just doesn't agree with you.'

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BlazeTV's Steve Deace discussed why failed Republicans should follow the lead of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Steve Deace challenged his audience to call their local conservative radio hosts, go to their state legislatures, and use Ron DeSantis as their control group to shame Republicans for not meeting the "DeSantis line".

Deace said that DeSantis has a 54% approval rating in Florida, the most expensive and pivotal swing state in the country.

According to Deace, "There is no excuse" that Ron DeSantis is out-performing states with a strong Republican base.

Later, Deace said he believes voters must begin by voting out Republicans like Mitch McConnell because "it's not that McConnell is not ignorant, he just doesn't agree with you."

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