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Media indirectly admits the 'ageist' right was RIGHT about Biden being TOO OLD

Stu Does America

Reagan vs. Biden

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In less than two years, the "most popular presidential candidate of all time" is too old to be the president of the United States?

According to the New York Times and several other left-wing media publications, Joe has aged himself out of favor for re-election in 2024. Remember when conservatives were called "ageist" during the 2020 election for asking if Joe was fit for office at his age? How about headlines in 2021 that said questioning Biden due to his age was an outdated stereotype?

Well, now that the media agrees that Biden is too old, and the Biden administration decided that age 66 is too old to obtain a commercial pilot's license, Stu Burguiere, host of "Stu Does America" on BlazeTV wonders if it is Biden's age that makes him a terrible President or if it is Biden himself that makes him a national embarrassment?

In this clip, Stu compares former President Ronald Reagan and former Vice President Joe Biden to see if age or mental acuity makes for the most appropriate measure.

Catch the podcast here.

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