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Trump hater Kathy Griffin pushes for masking kids, immediately gets owned

Stu Does America

'I made choices because I’m not a narcissistic sociopath'

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If you find comedian Kathy Griffin insufferable, you will love this. BlazeTV host Matt Kibbe of "Kibbe on Liberty" joined "Stu Does America" and shared a glorious story of a mouthy comedian, a man, and a boss-level Tweet.

After the mayor of New York City fired city attorney and mother Daniela Jampel for criticizing his policy of masking 3-year-olds, Kibbe was one of many who reached out to Daniela to offer encouragement and to thank her for being a heroic American.

Watch the clip for the full story.

Daniela tweeted, "Thank you all for your support. It's been a circus for the past few hours, but I am hearing and seeing all of your supportive texts & DMs. The fight continues."

Kathy Griffin joined the debate and said to Daniela, "Ok, hear me out. I see that you follow me, Daniela. So, I had 1/2 of my lung removed because I had cancer and now I’m super high risk. What if people like me need your kids to wear masks (in addition to us wearing ours) because there are so many high-risk people? Cmon. Whatdya say?"

Here's where it got good. Kibbe fired back at Griffin, "Ok, Kathy, hear me out. I can’t tell if you're joking, but I actually had stage 4 cancer. Chemo destroyed my immunity. But I never expected others—especially children—to fundamentally change their lives so I could feel safer. I made choices, because I’m not a narcissistic sociopath."

Kibbe took this Twitter debate because of his own experience with stage four cancer. He explained how he never felt a compulsion to hold 3-year-olds responsible for his health. When his immune system was compromised as a result of chemotherapy, Kibbe said he simply stayed home.

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