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GASLIGHTING White House pushes distorted view of Covid-related public school closures

Stu Does America

There could not be a more apparent effort of gaslighting by the Democrats than what Stu Burguiere has uncovered regarding our children's education. So, why, at this point, is school choice still not the answer?

Stu Does America sounds off on the current politics played with our children's education in public schools.

In a video released by the White House, Joe Biden spoke with students about what it was like learning online last year when schools were closed. The children showered Biden with praise for allowing them to go back to school. and for being the "reason they can have fun with their friends and learn."

The White House must think we are stupid to believe that anyone could look back on the last two years and think Biden was the person responsible for opening schools., Stu reminded how the Biden administration worked with the teacher's unions to make sure your kids were out of school. "How dumb do they think you are to believe that," Stu said

Watch the clip to see the video for yourself. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.,

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