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Kamala Harris is serious about taking stuff seriously in her latest SERIOUSLY embarrassing speech

Stu Does America

'Do her speech writers play a drinking game with the key word/phrase of the day?'

Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

Vice President Kamala Harris wants you to know that we seriously have to take serious stuff super seriously, and, sadly, we're being perfectly serious — the vice president of the United States has made yet another seriously embarrassing speech.

Our nation's second in command has become known for her embarrassing habit of impersonating a broken record. Like when she got stuck repeating the word "joy" over and over during a painfully awkward interview with MSNBC's Joy Reid. Or the time she weirdly repeated the phrase “the significance of the passage of time” four times in less than 30 seconds. And who could forget the strange "word salad" speech in which she repeated the phrase "work together" six times in a single rambling sentence?

During a statement Wednesday on the tragic July Fourth mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, Harris appeared to be trying to convince us all that she's taking "this stuff" very seriously.

“We have to take this stuff seriously, as seriously as you are, because you have been forced to take this seriously,” Harris stated.

The vice president was immediately and quite “seriously” lambasted on Twitter:

BlazeTV's Stu Burguere, host of "Stu Does America," will be adding this latest nugget of wisdom from Vice President Harris to his ever-expanding collection of "Veep Thoughts by Kamala Harris." Here are a few classics:

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