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'They DESPISE people' - Glenn Beck CALLS OUT  Progressives for despising Average Americans

Stu Does America

In his 1996 State of the Union address, former president Bill Clinton delivered the State of the Union Address in which he stated that "the era of big government is over."

Stu Does America host, Stu Burguiere sat down with Glenn Beck and discussed how the Democrat party evolved since the Clinton Administration. According to Glenn, President Clinton was a political machine, but even he [Clinton] realized how he needed the American people to get elected.

In this clip, Glenn Beck explained the shift in American politics since Bill Clinton left the oval office and how he believes the progressive movement "despises the average American," regardless of political leanings.

"They despise people ... they are elitists ... they have their own language that only they speak ... so they are 'educating' us," Glenn said.

Watch the clip to hear more from this episode of Stu Does America. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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