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Chad Prather: Lingerie for MEN? Let's talk about it.

Chad Prather: Lingerie for MEN? Let's talk about it.

The New York Times, a totally real newspaper that never lies or misrepresents information, reported on the emergence of "sexy men's lingerie."

Chad Prather discussed the latest trend that attempts to blur the lines between genders and normalize the abnormal. Chad took a comedic approach to the topic with this epic monologue.

"I want you to go on a flight of the imagination with me for just a moment. Be warned. We're heading to the red light of your psyche for just a minute. Don't be afraid to explore a bit, but keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times. Here we go ...

"I want you to picture thigh-high, red fishnet stockings above a pair of shiny black stiletto heels. Maybe those fishnets have a little tear in them here and there. Above that is a silky black thong, so barely there, it almost doesn't count. Above that is a stringy black bra, so tiny it makes the thong look like a boat sail.

"Have you got everything in your mind so far? Good. Because above that is the grizzled and bearded face of a long-haul trucker on about his fifth or sixth straight night sleeping in the back of his rig, His scent is eau de chewing tobacco, and his pronouns are getting/over/here.

"If you just choked on your Mountain Dew the way I did the first time I read about today's topic, you have my apologies. But at least you can't say you weren't warned. Lingerie for men, let's talk about it. Of course, the latest left-leaning gender-bend is framed by its supporters as the newest and best inclusivity.

"Straight from the front pages of the New York Times comes the story of undergarments that are more gender-expansive than a jockstrap. It's rebellious. It's what their old fogey parents would hate. But what hides behind that is a leftist mindset, is a deeper motive that underpins and frames the social construct upon which these notions lie.

"Don't kid yourself, folks. Once again, we're seeing another facet of an ideology that cares not a damn bit about the human beings it sacrifices on the altar of eternal change toward an ever-feeling, fleeting Utopia.

"But hey, who am I to judge what you do?"

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