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'The fall of Kabul should be the DOWNFALL of the Biden administration'

The Chad Prather Show

In the wake of the United States pulling troops out of Afghanistan, the progressive Left in the United States appeared more concerned about preferred pronouns and the Green New Deal than the reality of what had transpired in Kabul, Afghanistan's capital city.

In this clip, BlazeTV's Chad Prather asserted what he believed the people of Kabul will face now with the Taliban in control: murder, rape, and death.

On Monday's episode of "The Chad Prather Show," Chad explained why he believed the fall of Kabul should be the "downfall" of the Biden administration.

"We [Americans] have no concept of how the rest of the world operates," Chad said. He later added that the rest of the world doesn't care about equality but rather who is in control.

Chad savagely dismantled the Biden administration's foreign policy and went on to say that American culture had become weak.

"At least Trump could shut things down," Chad said. "He got things done."

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