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'The pu**ification of men in America': Chad Prather has a message for fathers

The Chad Prather Show

Tyra Banks has a new drag show for kids

There is a recurring question that seems to pop up during discussions about the demise of society — where are the fathers? BlazeTV host Chad Prather of "The Chad Prather Show" refers to it as the "pu**ification of men in America."

"This is a message to fathers," Chad begins. "Who is running the show in your home? What kind of self-respecting man allows himself to participate in a show like [Generation Drag]?" That's right, folks. Tyra Banks is having herself a kiddie drag show.

Chad explains why fathers need to step up and take control of what is going on in their home. He goes on to say that he would love to sit there and tell you jokes all day but that someone has to say these things to bring some logic to the forefront of what can only be described as a show that promotes "the closest thing you can legally get to child pornography."

"We have to do better," Chad says. Watch the clip for more on this story. Can't watch? Listen to the podcast here.

Groomer Alert: Tyra Banks CREATES 'Generation Drag'

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