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GOOD NEWS: As Italy's coronavirus death toll surges, local innovator uses 3D printer to save lives

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'Technology is going to save us'

There's a lot of scary news circulating the media as countries across the globe continue the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, this week, Italy recorded the worst 24-hour death toll yet — far worse than even China's most deadliest day.

Northern Italy's Lombardy region is taking the brunt of it: Hospitals are overwhelmed, medical staff is working around the clock, and there's not enough lifesaving equipment for all the patients who need it.

Nevertheless, there is some good coming out of this worldwide crisis, especially when it comes to technology. When a hospital in northern Italy ran out of valves in the ICU to help patients breathe, an Italian entrepreneur stepped up. Using a 3D printer, he designed, printed, and produced enough valves to save several lives — all within a matter of hours.

"Technology is going to save us," Glenn Beck said on Tuesday's radio program. "As Stephen Hawking said once, 'Science can lift the people out of poverty and cure disease. That, in turn, will reduce civil unrest.'"

Glenn went on to note that no matter what happens, man is always either retreating or advancing in response to the circumstances around us. Throughout history, Americans have always chosen to advance.

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