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Glenn Beck EXPOSES Biden for 'HELPING' the EVIL border cartels

Glenn Beck EXPOSES Biden for 'HELPING' the EVIL border cartels

Joe Biden might be president, but Glenn Beck sees him as much more than that.

“He’s a pimp, he’s a drug smuggler. He is helping the sex rings with children here in America. He is helping the drug cartels get fentanyl,” Beck charges.

Beck says this after a White House announcement claimed the administration has cut border crossings by 90%.

“Next week,” Beck says, “we are going to be hit by a tidal wave. They are expecting 10,000 people every day. Right now it’s about 2,000.”

Beck is referring to the quickly approaching expiration of Title 42, which was created to expel migrants in order to address public health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think it’s time we have a frank talk,” Beck says, “and we ask what is it that the president has exchanged. The virtue, the sweetness, the hope, the dreams of little boys and girls who are raped by drug cartels, trafficked by drug and sex rings — tell me, what did you exchange that for, Mr. President?”

Under President Biden, 85,000 children who came across the border are currently unaccounted for.

“Why do you think we’re having so many problems with fentanyl?” Beck asks.

Beck answers himself, saying it’s “because our borders are open.”

“I’m sorry,” he continues, “but there is no way any rational, reasonable human being who actually cares about America, the American people, and human beings doesn’t do something on the border to stop this.”

Beck doesn’t think this is just a misstep by the president.

“I think you are in the grips of evil,” Beck accuses, “because only evil would turn a blind eye to what is happening to children, mothers, even single guys, families.”

“Mr. President, shame on you. Not only will America pay a heavy price for this, but mark my words, sir, in the eternities you will forever pay.”

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