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'The Biden administration has a vendetta against the state of Texas': New border policy plans may FORCE illegal immigrants to stay in TEXAS

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While there are hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants flooding into Texas, New York City Mayor Eric Adams is claiming 10,000 of them are enough to collapse New York.

The logic there may make zero sense, but the Biden administration isn’t known for its ability to make any sense either. That may be why it is now considering a policy that would force illegal immigrants who cross into Texas to remain there while waiting for their asylum screening.

Governor Greg Abbott is outraged and joins Glenn to respond to the liberal-made mess.

“This is the biggest game-changing border policy I have ever seen in almost 50 years of broadcast,” Glenn tells Abbott.

Abbott agrees, adding that the sanctuary cities that are revolting against the influx of illegal immigrants are the ones that have said, “We want your tired, your poor, your illegal immigrants, and we want them here.”

However, when they actually have to live up to those promises, they do a complete 180 and “collapse like a cheap tent,” Abbott says.

Though the Texas governor is being demonized for busing migrants out to other states, the Biden administration actually has been doing "the exact same thing," Abbott says.

Abbott claims approximately 90-95% of migrants who cross over in Texas do not stay in Texas, but that would change if the Biden administration forces the migrants to stay.

Abbott believes that this is “payback” for Texas taking over “operational control of the border,” where the state has actually “repelled or pushed back into Mexico people who were trying to cross illegally.”

“This is the only time in American history when anything like that has happened,” Abbott says.

“Yes, the Biden administration has a vendetta against the state of Texas.”

Abbott also explains that under President Trump, Texas had its lowest illegal immigration in 40 years. Now under Biden’s open border policies, the state has its highest illegal immigration ever.

However, Abbott isn’t giving up and claims the new policy the Biden administration is considering “is a losing legal proposition for Biden.”

“We’ll just hand him another loss if he tries this crazy game.”

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