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China lands rover on the 'dark side' of moon in mission toward 'the conquering of the universe'

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'This giant leap is a decisive move for our exploration of space and the conquering of the universe'

A Chinese robotic probe, Chang'e 4, has become the first spacecraft to land on the far side of the moon.

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine called the historic touch down "a first for humanity and an impressive accomplishment."

About 12 hours after the probe landed, a six-wheeled rover known as Yutu 2, or Jade Rabbit 2, was photographed driving away from the spacecraft into the unexplored lunar terrain.

"It's a small step for the rover, but one giant leap for the Chinese nation. This giant leap is a decisive move for our exploration of space and the conquering of the universe," said Wu Weiren, the chief designer of the Lunar Exploration Project.

The Chinese mission is the first to explore of the far side of the moon, which is often known as the "dark side" because it is relatively unknown, not because it lacks sunlight.

"Why do you land on the dark side of the moon? Well, there are a couple of reasons," Glenn Beck said Monday on his radio program. Glenn predicted in 2017 that China would land a rover on the dark side of the moon in 2018.

He was, of course, "completely wrong," as Stu Burguiere pointed out, because the landing didn't actually occur until the first week of 2019.

"You could land on the dark side of the moon because you want to listen to space in total silence because the moon creates a hole where nothing coming from the earth can get past," Glenn explained. "Now, look at it the other way. Because no radio, no video, nothing can penetrate the moon, you also have a place where you can do anything you want and no one on Earth knows you're doing it, OK. It's bizarre that China is doing this."

Watch the video clip above to catch more of the conversation.

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