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'A 21-year-old kid CAN'T do this': Only TWO WAYS Pentagon leaker could have gotten documents?

'A 21-year-old kid CAN'T do this': Only TWO WAYS Pentagon leaker could have gotten documents?

The FBI arrested a 21-year-old member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard last week after the young man was connected to a leak of dozens of highly classified documents.

The documents contained national security secrets, and the accused leaker, Jack Teixeira, had apparently been sending these documents to his online gaming group chat.

Jason Buttrill, head of research for Glenn Beck, is on the show to discuss. Beck asks Buttrill how it was possible that a 21-year-old had access to these highly classified documents.

Buttrill says, “He pulled this information off of something called JWICS. That stands for Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication System.” He adds, “I don’t think we’re getting the truth, the full story here, at all.”

Glenn asks him how this could have been done by a kid.

Buttrill says the most likely scenario is that “someone else’s email was up; I’m just theorizing here.” He says it’s only a possibility if that person was “completely incompetent.”

“Or,” he says, “someone could have sent him an ICE email that he should not have received. That could have been possible as well.”

“So,” Beck answers, “when they arrest him and they’re, you know, printing him as ‘the guy,’ is there any way for that to be true — that he is the only one involved in this — as far as the getting the information.”

Buttrill says “it’s possible,” but that “it needs to be looked into.”

He asks, “Did the media figure this out before the feds did? That’s what it felt like.”

Beck responds, “That’s weird, because that would be internal sources. And we know what internal sources have fed us through the media before: Nothing but lies.”

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