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REPORT: How CNN's Chris Cuomo HELPED his brother dodge sexual harassment allegations

The Glenn Beck Program

'How is he still on the air?'

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) isn't the only Cuomo mentioned in the New York attorney general's bombshell report on his alleged sexual harassment spree. According to the investigation, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo actually helped write his brother's defense.

On the radio program Wednesday, Glenn Beck and Pat Gray discussed some of the report's key findings, including email communications that show Chris Cuomo wrote several of the lines included in Gov. Cuomo's response to the sexual harassments allegations released in late February.

"How is he still on the air?" Glenn asked, referring to Chris Cuomo. "He has no credibility ... because he was involved in all of the political maneuvering with his brother."

Watch the video clip below from "The Glenn Beck Program" to catch more of the conversation:

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