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EXPOSED: The Deep State plans for the 2024 election

EXPOSED: The Deep State plans for the 2024 election

Before April of this year, no former president had ever been indicted. Now Donald Trump has been indicted three times.

The latest indictment focuses on Trump questioning the integrity of the election and the events of January 6 that followed — but Glenn Beck sees this indictment for what it really is.

“The left has been building an election-winning machine for years now. It took it out for a test drive in 2020, and it’s working hard to perfect it by 2024. Because once this death star is fully operational, we may never win another election again,” Glenn warns.

However, Glenn doesn’t believe losing hope is the answer.

“It is equally as important that we do not lose hope. There is still a way to return the electoral system to its factory settings, and it starts with exposing what we’re up against,” he says.

And Glenn is ready to expose exactly what that is.

“It’s just a coincidence that the entire intelligence community, the federal law enforcement community, all rallied together to accuse candidate Donald Trump of being in league with Russia.”

When that didn’t work, they all rallied together in an attempt to “cripple his presidency,” Glenn adds.

“And that’s just a coincidence,” Glenn mocks. “There is no deep state. They then impeached him, not once, but twice. Even going as far as leaking top-secret communications from his presidential phone calls with foreign leaders.”

“The people involved,” he continues, “came from the state department, the FBI, the CIA, the Department of Justice, and members of both the Democrat and Republican Parties, and they all use the mainstream media to further push public opinion. It was all lies, we know now. But there is no deep state.”

Glenn points out that nearly everything, from the many Hunter Biden cover-ups to the mystery surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine, that was forced on millions of Americans has all been a product of the deep state.

“Do not fall for the black pill psyop. You have the power to change all of this. You just first have to recognize that you have the power. You have to believe. All of these things are happening not only because they have lots of money, but because people are dedicated to the cause,” Glenn says.

“Their cause is evil.”

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