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How JD Vance will put an end to 'racist' government DEI programs
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How JD Vance will put an end to 'racist' government DEI programs

Joe Biden likely won’t sign it, but regardless, Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) has introduced legislation to dismantle all federal DEI programs.

“If you want to root out the Deep State and the bureaucracy, you need political appointees who are aligned with the agenda. And what this legislation does — I’m not an idiot, Joe Biden’s not going to sign it — but Donald Trump would,” Vance tells Glenn Beck, adding, “What it would do is really destroy the diversity, equity, and inclusion bureaucracy that exists in our country.”

“People say, ‘Well, who doesn’t like diversity right? Doesn’t diversity just mean you have a nice Mexican restaurant down the street?’” Vance continues. “The way that our federal government has interpreted this is to explicitly allow racist decision-making, primarily targeting white and Asian Americans.”

One example Vance uses is of a farm program that explicitly excluded white Americans from the provision of farm assistance for American farmers.

“That’s ridiculous,” Vances tells Glenn. “You can’t discriminate, whether black or white, against people on the basis of skin color, this would proactively root this stuff out of our government, and it’s a very important first step to getting basic merit back in our federal system.”

“I don’t think that even black farmers would have wanted that,” Glenn says, agreeing. “Farmers rely on each other, and they need to help each other because you know if Bill’s crop is down this year, it might be my crop down next year. So, we’re all in this together.”

Vance believes this has a lot less to do with actually helping black people and a lot more to do with hurting white people.

“One of my theories, Glenn, is that a lot of what is broken about America is high-education whites, who really hate lower-education whites. And I think you see that as a main driver of a lot of very stupid, evil public policy in this country, so we’ve got to root it out,” Vance explains.

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