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Legal experts DEBATE: Is Donald Trump in ACTUAL DANGER?

Legal experts DEBATE: Is Donald Trump in ACTUAL DANGER?

Alan Dershowitz may think Trump is in serious trouble, but Michael Bekesha of Judicial Watch thinks differently.

The two took turns explaining their positions to Glenn Beck.

Bekesha explains that the reason the indictment began is because someone at the National Archives “thought that maybe president Trump had some records that maybe he shouldn’t have taken with him when he left office.”

He likens this to what happened with Bill Clinton when he left office.

While in office, Clinton created audio recordings that contained everything from important information to conversations with foreign leaders.

Those conversations included “cruise missile attacks to get Osama bin Laden,” Bekesha says.

Instead of going through the proper channels, “President Clinton kept these tapes in his sock drawer and decided to take them with him when he left office.”

He did not declassify them before he took them.

“According to what we know, he simply took them with him,” Bekesha continues.

When the Judicial Watch tried to sue for the tapes, “the Obama Justice Department took the position that whatever President Clinton took with him were not presidential records they were personal records, and there’s nothing that they could do to get them back.”

In 2012, the District Court in D.C. sided with the government. The judge, according to Bekesha, said “it is the sole responsibility of the president to decide what records are personal, what records are presidential, and once they are taken out of the White House, there’s nothing that the court could do to get them back.”

President Trump put the documents in boxes that he took when he left, and Bill Clinton put them in a sock drawer — Bekesha believes it was essentially the same process.

Alan Dershowitz disagrees and believes these charges are serious.

“There’s real trouble but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be won. This is a very, very serious charge,” Dershowitz says.

“The problem with Donald Trump is illustrated by that plaque that some people have in their homes with a stuffed fish on it that says, ‘If I had only kept my mouth shut, I’d still be swimming.’ All of Trump’s problems come from his own statements,” he adds.

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