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'It's an insult': Glenn Beck BLASTS WaPo, MSM for reducing Rep. Elijah Cummings' legacy to 'Trump target'

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'And that's the way the Post honors him?'

Maryland Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, long-time Baltimore congressman and chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, died early Thursday at the age of 68.

"Elijah Cummings has passed away," Glenn Beck said on Thursday's radio show. "Now, Elijah Cummings has never been a guy that I agreed with politically, but I have respect for Elijah Cummings and what he has accomplished in his life."

Regardless of their political differences, Glenn praised Cummings' "life legacy," noting how the Democratic congressman fought tirelessly for civil rights, and "has been a force for good much of his life."

But the mainstream media — specifically, the Washington Post — chose to remember Cummings only in terms of his clashes with President Donald Trump, referring to the congressman as a "Trump target" and "key figure in Trump impeachment" in headline after headline.

Glenn said he considers it an insult that the media would choose to belittle the memory and life-worth of Cummings by making it all about bashing President Trump.

"He was 68. He has done many, many things that I can't even come close to accomplishing," Glenn said of Cummings. "And that's the way the Post honors him? I think it's an insult!"

The mainstream media's hypocrisy is reaching all new levels, and the Cummings' story is just the beginning of it. Another example? President Trump and his decision to pull troops from northern Syria where the Kurds reside. The media was completely supportive when President Barack Obama wanted to remove all boots on the ground in the Middle East. But now that President Trump tries to do the same thing, he's a murderer.

When will it end?

Watch the video below to hear Glenn's scathing rebuke for the mainstream media:

Watch the full episode here.

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