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Glenn Beck rips CNN for finally acknowledging the Hunter Biden scandal AFTER the election

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Remember when it was all 'Russian disinformation'?

If you've been listening to the Glenn Beck Radio Program over the past year, you already know about Hunter Biden's alleged business dealings in China while his father Joe Biden was vice president. You also know that Hunter Biden's alleged laptop appeared to contain even more proof that something fishy was going on. But if you watched the mainstream media, you were told it was all a conspiracy theory, or Russian disinformation, or a smear tactic to benefit President Donald Trump.

Now reports have dropped that Hunter Biden's taxes have been under investigation since 2018 and CNN even acknowledged on Wednesday that Hunter's business dealings in China are front-and-center.

On the radio program Thursday, Glenn Beck ripped into CNN and other mainstream media for waiting to aknowledge the controversy surrounding Hunter Biden until after the presidential election.

Watch the video below to hear more from Glenn:

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