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Dems change Trump charge from 'quid pro quo' to 'bribery' after  conducting 'impeachment focus groups'

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'They're throwing spaghetti up into the wall to see what sticks'


Democrats have changed the accusation against President Donald Trump in the House impeachment inquiry from "quid pro quo" to "bribery" after conducting several focus groups to determine which term sounds more "compelling" to voters.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee conducted several focus groups "in key House battlegrounds," asking participants whether "quid pro quo," "extortion" or "bribery" was a "more compelling description of Trump's conduct," according to The Washington Post.

On Monday's radio program, Glenn Beck likened the Democrats' increasingly arbitrary impeachment attempts to "throwing spaghetti up onto the wall to see what sticks."

"They're just doing everything they can. They're throwing spaghetti up into the wall to see what sticks," Glenn said. "They don't have anything. They try 'quid pro quo.' Doesn't work. Bribery? Doesn't work. 'He's a Russian agent'? Doesn't work. When is America going to wake up to this?"

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