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Are Democrat voters FINALLY waking up to Joe Biden’s FAILURES?

The Glenn Beck Program

Joe Biden has announced his run for re-election in 2024, and Democrat voters are less than enthused.

In recent man-on-the-street interviews conducted by ABC News, former Biden voters say they would prefer it if their candidate wasn’t Biden.

A Pennsylvania voter, Soneyet Muhammed, tells ABC’s Martha Raddatz that when she heard Biden was running again, she felt “regret, disappointment, frustration.”

Another voter, Marcelo Villar-Ojito, says “I think I would go for Biden, but obviously I would prefer a fresher candidate.”

When pressed to tell Raddatz what she liked about Biden, young voter Elaina Symes says the only thing she likes about him is “that he’s not Trump.”

Stu Burguiere says, “That’s their entire strategy. If you’re curious as to what Joe Biden is trying to do to become president again, you just heard it outlined right there: He will not be Donald Trump.”

Glenn and Stu mention that this looks good for RFK Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is at 20% in some polls — which Stu calls “insane.”

“I think RFK could make a run for it,” Beck says.

But it seems like the only thing that truly matters to Democrat voters is that the man they vote for is not Donald Trump.

“Look at how much the left and Democrats hate Donald Trump. They are overlooking everything on Joe Biden,” Beck says.

“These are despicable human beings, and yet half the country is okay with that. They don’t even like him. They don’t like the job he’s doing, but they will vote for him again.”

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