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'Kids dragged to drag': Tucker Carlson APPALLED by what BlazeTV's Sara Gonzales uncovered in Texas

The Glenn Beck Program

'We have become an unrighteous and loathsome people' — Glenn Beck

Suburban Texas is the last place you might expect to find debauchery, but BlazeTV's Sara Gonzales captured footage over the weekend that tells a different story.

Sara joined Tucker Carlson and discussed what she captured on camera at an "all ages welcome" drag event held in Plano, Texas.

"This is something that was overtly sexual. They clearly said all ages are welcome, and now the left is gaslighting me into thinking I'm somehow the crazy one for having a problem with this," Sara said.

The raunchy video captured suburban women and at least one child sitting around watching men dressed in drag dance provocatively. Sara added that adult sex toys were handed out as prizes.

Glenn Beck and Sara Gonzales discussed the video on Wednesday's radio program. In the show, the footage shows a young child tipping one of the men dressed in drag, who then complimented the child's blue glittered shoes. "This is clear child abuse, and it has to be stopped," Sara explained. Sara has been attacked online and accused of faking the video.

"We have become an unrighteous and loathsome people," Glenn said. Video below.

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