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BIZARRE: Tech tycoon on the run from feds — and running for president in 2020, from his yacht 'somewhere off the coast of Venezuela'

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John McAfee's run-in with the law hasn't derailed his plans to run for president in 2020

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Glenn's guest on his radio program Thursday was none other than the elusive John McAfee, the 73-year-old founder of McAfee cybersecurity who is currently hiding out on his yacht "somewhere in international waters," where he is on the run from federal authorities. But McAfee's run-in with the law hasn't derailed his 2020 presidential run.

In a video posted on Twitter last week, McAfee unapologetically explained that he has not paid taxes in eight years, and that he'll simply run his U.S. presidential campaign "in exile from this boat."

"I have not paid taxes for eight years. I have not filed returns," he said. "Every year I tell the IRS 'I am not filing a return, I have no intention of doing so. Come and find me.'"

McAfee told Glenn that not paying taxes "is not a crime, sir."

"Committing fraud, lying for example about income taxes [is a crime.] But if I didn't say anything, I couldn't lie. I just didn't file, he said.

"I have not paid income taxes in eight years because I don't believe that income taxes are legal. They are unconstitutional," he added.

Glenn asked McAfee if he still planned to run his presidential campaign from an unspecified location "off the coast of Venezuela," as he stated in the Twitter video.

"I'm a computer security expert," McAfee responded. "And the greatest challenge a person can have is disinformation."

Watch the video clip above to catch more of this bizarre conversation.

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