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FLASHBACK: Here are 35 times the MSM got away with spreading 'sinister misinformation'
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FLASHBACK: Here are 35 times the MSM got away with spreading 'sinister misinformation'

Who's the 'threat to our Democracy'?

There are a few parts of the corporate media's reporting on the Paul Pelosi attack that still don't add up, including the fact that they keep changing big parts of the story and even quietly pulled one NBC report with only a vague explanation.

Then, over the weekend, the New York Times deemed it "misinformation" to even question anything about the violent attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband and accused 21 right-wingers — including Glenn Beck — of circulating "vicious" and "sinister" falsehoods. This is the same New York Times that has published a long list of stories that later turned out to be completely false in just the last few years.

So on the radio program Monday, Glenn listed at least 35 times the media got it all wrong and asked, "Now, who's the threat to our Democracy again?"

"How many of these stories did you publish?" Glenn asked. "Did you publish and lead the charge on Russian collusion? Did you publish the neo-Nazis are 'fine people' lies? Did you publish and stand by Jussie Smollett? How about the Bubba Wallace garage pull, or the Covington kids, or the Governor Whitmer kidnapping plot, or the Kavanaugh rape, or the Trump 'pee tape'?

"I remember reading all of these [stories], sometimes for months, in your newspaper," Glenn went on to say, adding, "Or the COVID lab leak was just a conspiracy theory. Or the border agents that were on horses were whipping migrants. Or saved nuclear secrets at Mara Lago, or the Steele dossier. Did you print the Russian bounties on the U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan? Or that Trump said drinking bleach would fight COVID? Or the Muslim travel ban or Hunter Biden's laptop was just disinformation from Russia? Did you print any of these?"

"Liberals, did you believe any of these? How about 'Andrew Cuomo was the best in COVID leadership'? Or Trump cages for migrant kids? Or Trump over-fed koi fish in Japan? Or 'Build Back Better' will pay for itself? The Trump tax cuts benefited only the rich? Cloth masks prevent COVID? If you get vaccinated you won't catch COVID and you won't spread it to others?" he continued.

"How about the SUV killed parade marchers, not the guy behind the wheel?" Glenn added. "Or Trump used tear gas to clear a crowd for a Bible photo? Or that 'don't say gay' was actually in a bill? How about the Putin price hike? Did you guys print that? Or ivermectin is horse dewormer and not for humans? Or the 'mostly peaceful protests' of BLM? Or, I love this one, Trump overpowered the Secret Service for the wheel of 'The Beast'? Or Officer Sicknick was murdered by protesters? January 6 was a well-planned insurrection? Or BYU students hurled racist insults at a Duke volleyball player?"

"And now 'our democracy is under threat'? This disinformation thing is really coming from the right?"

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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