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These Nord Stream pipeline attack rumors MAKE NO SENSE

The Glenn Beck Program

Who is responsible for attacking two Nord Stream pipelines last September?

For now, it remains unclear — though there are many competing theories on the subject.

The theories range from the perpetrators being a pro-Ukrainian group consisting of five divers who chartered a private yacht to the U.S being behind the attacks. According to the theory, several other nations would have helped the U.S cover our tracks.

While President Biden has little to say on the matter, Glenn Beck had an expert on the show to discuss: former Navy SEAL and best-selling author of "The Terminal List" Jack Carr.

One of the theories being passed around by the West is that the Russians did it.

Carr disagrees, explaining that the question is more complicated than a simple yes or no, “If you connect some dots, and you don’t have to have a background in strategy or geopolitics or military tactics … you just have to look at this with a little common sense …”

Carr sarcastically continued that just because former CIA director John Brennan was “trotted out on CNN and NBC to offer his expert analysis and he said it was for sure Russia” does not mean it was Russia.

He says Brennan has a track record that is “very solid” when it comes to Russia and “being wrong on things.”

Does the theory that a rebel group from Ukraine was behind the attacks hold any water?

Carr responds that “it is quite fascinating, and it would probably be one of the least believable parts of a novel if I put it in there.”

As for whether or not it was the U.S., Carr has this to say: “If it does lead directly back to the U.S., we might not hear so much about this investigation in the future.”

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