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Locked-down Shanghai residents leap to their deaths, and Biden remains silent

The Glenn Beck Program

Where is Biden?

The world — along with the Biden administration — SHOULD be outraged about Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the destruction caused by President Putin. But there's another ongoing crisis that deserves just as much furor from around the world — yet President Biden remains silent.

On Thursday's program, Glenn details what's currently happening in Shanghai, China, where millions of residents have been forced into their homes — without food — due to strict COVID lockdown measures. People are suffering, but pets are also being thrown in trash cans and clubbed to death. Dogs and cats, in trash bags, set out on the curb like garbage.

The CCP's use of force to keep people in their homes and left to starve is even more disturbing. Lockdowns were meant to last four days, but have lasted two weeks and counting. Shanghai residents are suffering immeasurably, and many of them have already succumbed to the Chinese government's brutality over the last week.

"This is like watching what happened at our World Trade Center on 9/11, except this isn't a fire," Glenn said. "These people are just trying to escape from the government, the lockdown, and hunger."

We must demand our President speak out against this tragedy because if he doesn't, it further proves his administration has been bought and sold by the Chinese Communist Party.

Watch the full clip for more on this story. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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