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THIS is how Ron DeSantis plans to DISMANTLE the deep state

THIS is how Ron DeSantis plans to DISMANTLE the deep state

Ron DeSantis has officially announced his 2024 run for president of the United States, and one of his first stops to discuss his bid — and how he plans to dismantle the deep state — was with Glenn Beck.

DeSantis laid out just what he wants to do if he were to be elected by the American people.

The Florida governor believes we must “make sure that the First Amendment actually means something, because you can’t let the government subcontract out censorship to Silicon Valley and say you still have a First Amendment.”

Glenn asks him just how he plans to work around government censorship and control of information.

“On day one, we’ll be spitting nails,” DeSantis says.

“I understand — and all your listeners should understand — that if we do everything right, if we’re disciplined, if we’re strong as anyone could be, it still takes a two-term project. I think it takes eight years to be able to reconstitutionalize this government,” he adds.

DeSantis believes the problem is that we have a “consolidation of power amongst people that all have the same worldview.”

This is why he would change who oversees agencies like the FBI.

DeSantis says that on “day one” of his presidency, he would hire a new FBI director and an attorney general “that has a backbone.”

However, he admits breaking up these ideologically driven agencies won’t be easy.

“It’s not something that anyone’s really tried to do because, you know, these are tough fights. I mean it’s like trench warfare, and you got to be ready on day one, and we will,” he says.

Glenn then asks him what he’s “bringing to the table, to this all-out war on the American dream.”

DeSantis answers that he plans to “rip up what Biden’s done on day one, with things like energy.”

“They are trying to price middle-class people out of having a middle-class standard of living. We’re not going to force people to buy electric vehicles. We’re going to make sure that people have a choice to have affordable transportation.”

He says he will also “reduce federal spending” and “fight with the Congress on that.”

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