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Steve Baker reveals WHO is calling the shots in regard to J6 cases: 'They know where all the bodies are buried'

Steve Baker reveals WHO is calling the shots in regard to J6 cases: 'They know where all the bodies are buried'

Tomorrow morning at 7:00am, investigative journalist and Blaze Media correspondent Steve Baker will turn himself in to the FBI. For what crimes, exactly, nobody knows.

What we do know is that Baker is facing misdemeanor charges connected to his reporting at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, but until his arrest, the specific charges he faces will remain a mystery.

Baker was initially threatened by law enforcement two and a half years ago in November 2021.

“They actually told my attorney at the time what the charges were going to be then, but because I’m a little outspoken and vocal about what’s happening with me, we were told at the time by an assistant U.S. attorney that a judge would not be happy with me,” he explains.

By going to the press after the threat, Baker tells Glenn Beck that he believes he’s “intensified that, accelerated that, and lit that candle brighter.”

“Why would you be in trouble for defending yourself in the public square?” Glenn asks, disturbed.

When Baker was initially threatened, his attorney asked the U.S. attorney if they were saying that his client should forgo his First Amendment right under the threat of persecution from the government.

“And she said, ‘Oh, no, we’re not really saying that. It’s just that we’re concerned for him and his status,’” Baker explains.

“Fast forward two years under the current threat, and they won’t tell me the charges this time — literally quote unquote from the U.S. attorney, 'Because he’ll tweet it out,"' he continues.

Baker says that when he turns himself in tomorrow, he’s supposed to be wearing shorts and flip-flops because it’s easier for him to change into an orange jumpsuit and leg chains, but of course, that's not the real reason.

“This is retribution,” Baker says.

“This is evil,” Glenn adds, shocked. “Just evil.”

Meanwhile, protestors who participated in riots or wreaked havoc as a part of Antifa have faced no consequences from the government.

Only those who align themselves with the right wing or Donald Trump are being prosecuted, Steve explains, calling it "selective prosecution."

Among the 60 documented journalists who entered through the doors or the broken windows on January 6 were two journalists — one a reporter for the New Yorker named Luke Mogelson and another journalist who had spent a lot of time working on the Latinos for Trump campaign — who entered parallel to one another.

While Mogelson walked away free (presumably because he's left-leaning), the Trump-affiliated journalist was given "four misdemeanors, swatted by over 20 agents at his home with the red dots on his wife, his children, and, of course, obviously himself at 6:30 in the morning" and was then "convicted,” Baker explains.

"There is ever more evidence of the insane corruption at the top of the Capitol Police," Baker tells Glenn. They're "holding back this final series of documents that we need to bring justice in those particular cases."

"They are more powerful than Congress itself," he continues, adding that House Speaker Mike Johnson told him that he alone has authority over distribution of the J6 footage. However, considering "there's not been anything released in weeks," it's looking like there are other powerful forces at work.

"My sources said, 'I told you, it's the Capitol Police,'" Steve says.

Why the Capitol Police?

"They know where all the bodies are buried. They know who buried them. They know who's sleeping with who — they know everything, and they are the personal security guards of Congress. That's why they're so powerful," is Baker's answer to that.

While he knows what he’s in for, Baker is keeping his head held high.

“I’ve had over two years to prepare for this. I’ve game-planned it all out in my head. I’m not going to sleep tonight, I’m not even going to try,” he tells Glenn.

“I’m just going to prepare, pray, and then I’m going to put on my suit and tie and walk in with my head up,” he adds.

To hear more, watch the video below.

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