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TERRIFYING: California PASSES bill allowing children to be TAKEN AWAY from parents who refuse to 'affirm' their gender

TERRIFYING: California PASSES bill allowing children to be TAKEN AWAY from parents who refuse to 'affirm' their gender

If you’re a parent who thought you held ultimate authority over your child receiving life-altering, permanent medical procedures — think again.

California has just passed a bill that would force judges in child custody hearings to consider whether a parent supports their child’s “gender transition.”

Glenn Beck is rightfully disturbed and warns that while this is currently happening in California, it’s going to be pushed everywhere.

Glenn believes that this bill is “an emergency” that we should all be aware of. “It’s happening in California, maybe not in your state yet, but it will be soon.”

The state of California now believes that total affirmation is an integral part of a “child’s health and safety and welfare.”

A parent could lose custody of their child as a result of the n, which was initiated by Assemblywoman Lori Wilson, who claims to have a transgender child.

“What’s mentioned in the law is the child’s gender identity and expression, and the parent’s affirmation of that, whatever it is, because that is our duty as parents — to affirm our children,” Wilson is recorded saying.

“So, when my son said, ‘I’m a firefighting unicorn,’” Glenn mocks that he would have to reply, “That’s right, you are.”

“No, you don’t know what you’re talking about,” he continues. “See me? I’m this big. See you? You’re this big. You don’t know a lot of stuff. Yet now, according to Lori Wilson and the state of California, you have to affirm the most permanent, completely life-altering thing a kid can possibly do to themselves.”

While the state of California claims it's a part of a child’s “health and safety,” Glenn notes that it's anything but healthy or safe.

“They’re not going to be healthy for long once you start, you know, clipping things off or sewing things on and [giving] hormone injections,” he says.

“This new law should alarm and disgust everyone in America for the way it will let the state override the private family life and parenting decisions,” Glenn adds.

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