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The potential silver lining of allowing people to chant 'from the river to the sea'
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The potential silver lining of allowing people to chant 'from the river to the sea'

Isn’t it ironic that we live in a country where flagrant anti-Semitism and celebration of terrorism is permissible in the name of free speech but in which a gag order on a presidential candidate, unabashed Big Tech censorship, and cancel culture that seeks to ruin people who speak unpopular opinions are allowed?

Something doesn’t add up.

“You can call for the murder of a president while we sift through the sedimentary layers of that same presidential speech to prove he was calling for an insurrection,” sighs Glenn Beck.

“Meanwhile, hordes are on our street; they’re marching to that catchy tune ‘from the river to the sea,’ but I thought inciting violence was out?” he continues, pointing out the brazen hypocrisy.

However, perhaps there is a silver lining to allowing Palestinian/Hamas supporters to exercise their right to free speech.

Only then can we “see who they really are,” says Glenn. “That does not mean we support them. It doesn’t mean we ignore them. It means we listen carefully,” which can be “an advantage.”

If we do that, we’ll realize that “from the river to the sea” means “all of Israel,” which “is a call for genocide.”

“So you should be allowed to say it,” says Glenn. However, “If protests turn to burning cities down or breaking into capitals, those committing the violence are to be punished.”

“Opinions sometimes are really despicable, but opinions are opinions; it's not violence,” he adds.

However, “many of us accept that some speech is dangerous, [so] some needs to be silenced.”

The problem is, where do we draw the line? Who calls the shots on what’s dangerous speech and what’s safe to say?

“America, and after it the West, used to be justly admired for one of its greatest innovations: peaceful transfers of power — a democratic, republican process resting on none other than free speech, an open marketplace of ideas, an even playing field,” explains Glenn.

“Transfer of power used to involve violence, wars, revolutions, coups,” he continues, “but we found a better way so that when a Trump or a Biden enters or leaves the White House, no tanks are needed, mostly, but that only works with an even playing field, an open market. If one side can get their thumb over the other for ‘safety,’ then that all goes away, and the alternative to free and open debate is just like the alternative to peaceful transfer of power: violence.”

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