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Donald Trump tells Glenn why he’s CERTAIN a campaign from jail will NOT happen

The Glenn Beck Program

Glenn calls Donald Trump “the most persecuted man in ... American history,” and it’s no wonder since the former president has been indicted four times and now arrested.

Rumors have been circulating about how Trump would run his 2024 presidential campaign if he’s behind bars, but he joins Glenn to explain why he thinks that scenario is highly unlikely.

“They are serious about trying to put you in prison,” says Glenn. “Can I ask, will you and can you run a campaign from a jail cell?”

“Well, I don’t think that’s ever happening. We have a great case,” Trump explains, adding that all the charges brought against him are “a scam.”

The former president also notes that he has “the biggest lead [he’s] ever had,” especially after the Tucker interview that garnered 261 million views, “which is an all-time record,” he tells Glenn.

There’s also the mug shot to consider. In most contexts, a mug shot would tank someone’s reputation and career, but in Trump’s situation, it became instantaneously “iconic” and only served to inflate his popularity.

“I was doing well before this stuff, but it’s really driven my poll numbers up,” Trump says.

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