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Andrew Klavan blasts media 'fact-checking' on Trump speech: 'Immense corporate megaphone' selling 'lies and fear-mongering'

The Glenn Beck Program

'You know, for all of Trump's flaws ... he's not half as bad as the press is'

On the "Glenn Beck Program" Wednesday, award-winning author and show-host for the Daily Wire, Andrew Klavan joined Glenn Beck to talk about President Donald Trump's Tuesday night speech on border security, the Democrats' "embarrassing" follow-up, and the media's blatant bias when reporting on either.

"Trump made a speech last night that we were told was going to be all lies and fear-mongering, and it was all lies and fear-mongering -- but not from Trump," said Andrew.

"Every thing is made worse by the fact that the corporate media is simply now a spokesperson, a unified spokesperson, for the Democrats," he continued. "It's very hard to have a rational conversation when this immense corporate megaphone is only selling propaganda for one side."

Andrew noted that he has no problem with there being two parties in this country that disagree. "But I have a serious problem when ABC, and CBS, and NBC, and CNN, and the New York Times, and the Washington Post, under guise of fact-checking are essentially checking Trump's opinions verses the Democrats' opinions -- and saying the Democratic opinions are right. I think that that is so distorting to our conversation," he said. "It means that the Democrats can say anything they want and basically feel that they are wearing armor -- nobody can touch them because the press will cover it up."

"You know, for all of Trump's flaws, all the hyperbole, all the playing fast and loose with the facts, he's not half as bad as the press is," he added. "And he's a hundred percent right about them, to slap them around. You know I'm an absolutist when it comes to the First Amendment, and I don't think the government should touch the press. But I think the press needs to reform itself. I really do. I think they are being very damaging to the country's conversation."

Watch the video clip above to catch more of the conversation.

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