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Glenn Beck: Chuck Schumer, Democrats admit NO Trump-Ukraine 'quid pro quo'

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It's all smoke and mirrors

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said he was "appalled" by Republican calls to release the name of the whistleblower at the center of the House impeachment inquiry.

"[T]he calls to make the whistleblower's identity are despicable," added Schumer during a Senate floor speech on Tuesday. "The whole purpose of the whistleblower law was to protect people when they had the courage to come forward. This whistleblower was obviously coming forward because he was so concerned about where President Trump was leading America."

On the radio program Wednesday, Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere questioned why Democrats refuse to release information about the whistleblower if they actually want his story to be heard.

"I want this guy to testify. You know who doesn't? The Democrats," Glenn said. "They were like, 'You're going to put him in danger. You're going to have blood on your hands.' Really? Because every Republican wants his name out. They want him to testify ... not so people can get him — that would be your side [Democrats] that would not want him to testify. You don't want him known because you don't want his record known," he added.

"Republicans need to be very clear: Protect this guy at all costs. If you watched the 'Untouchables,' this guy is the accountant," he continued. "This guy is the accountant and the FBI would like, in that movie, would like for the accountant to testify. Al Capone doesn't."

Glenn noted that Democrats are accusing President Trump of "quid pro quo," which is exactly what former Vice President Joe Biden admitted to doing when he bragged to the world, with cameras rolling, that he threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid if the Ukraine investigation into Burisma gas firm and Hunter Biden wasn't stopped.

But when Democrats, like Chuck Schumer, claim the whistleblower was actually "concerned about where President Trump was leading America," they're admitting that the accusations against President Trump are not that he committed "quid pro quo," but that they don't like him looking into what really happened in Ukraine.

"That's not quid pro quo," Glenn said of the Ukraine whistleblower's allegations. "He was concerned with where this president was leading America. That's what the whistleblower testimony says. That's what the two ambassadors' testimony says. It's not quid pro quo. Their testimony was that he [Trump] was changing policy in Ukraine, and it was going to be very dangerous."

Glenn went on to explain how Democrats, including former President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, were using foreign intelligence and foreign operatives in Ukraine for their own purposes.

Watch the video below to get the details:

UKRAINE: Democrats, Chuck Schumer admit NO quid pro quo with Trump (though yes for Joe Biden!)youtu.be

Watch the full episode here.

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