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Aides report that Biden (Dark Brandon) is extremely VERBALLY ABUSIVE — 'No one is safe'​

Aides report that Biden (Dark Brandon) is extremely VERBALLY ABUSIVE — 'No one is safe'​

A recent article from Axios titled “Old yeller: Biden’s private fury” details the apparently abusive manner in which the president treats his circle of attendants.

“Profanity-laden outbursts” and “verbal abuse” were among the top complaints of Biden’s aides.

The maltreatment is allegedly so severe that staff members often “meet with him in groups … to diffuse potential tension.”

“Can you imagine being so scared of, like, a 200-year-old man that you’re, like, … 'We need the buddy system'?" Sara Gonzales jokes.

Employees report that "How the f*** don’t you know this?" and "Don’t f***ing bulls**t me" are among "Dark Brandon's" favorite phrases to scream at them.

They also speculate that “being shouted at by the president” might be seen “as a rite of passage.”

“No one is safe,” one administration official reports.

Oddly enough, however, the article concludes with the statement that “if Biden doesn’t yell at you, it could be a sign he doesn’t respect you.”

That’s a peculiarly positive spin on what seems to be a concerning situation.

“I’m sure they would run that same coverage for a Republican president,” Sara sarcastically remarks.

Chad Prather has an interesting tidbit to add though: Apparently Axios did not intend for this article to be “a hit piece,” he explains. On the contrary, “they were actually defending Biden so that he doesn’t look like a senile old man” but rather “a forceful leader.”

Expose Biden’s furious tantrums in an effort to make him seem powerful?

Interesting tactics.

“They’re trying to take what in any other space [would be considered]...an absolute negative” and “salvage it in some kind of way,” adds Eric July.

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