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‘We were IGNORED’: Weeping US Marine recalls Taliban suicide bomber

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Remember when the Biden administration left a wake of chaos and horror in Afghanistan in 2021? It’s disturbing that there have been so many disasters throughout Biden’s term that the Afghanistan withdrawal has been buried under the president’s many botched efforts.

But not everyone has had the luxury of letting the incident slip into the back of their minds. On "The News & Why It Matters," Sara Gonzales showed a Marine who testified about his traumatic and heartbreaking experience in Afghanistan.

After repeatedly asking his superiors if his team could terminate a suicide bomber and receiving no answer, U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Tyler Vargas-Andrews recounted, “Plain and simple, we were ignored. Our expertise was disregarded. No one was held accountable for our safety.”

Sergeant Vargas-Andrews continued, “Then a flash and a massive wave of pressure. I’m thrown 12 feet onto the ground, but instantly knew what had happened. I opened my eyes to Marines dead or unconscious lying around me.”

“Hearing this makes me infuriated,” Gonzales said. “That we have Americans out there putting their lives on the line for the Biden administration to put completely incompetent people, apparently, in places of power. This is the end result from that.”

To add insult to injury, the mission was entirely botched. The identity politics that Biden used as a primary metric of appointing people to power got Americans nowhere but dead and wounded in this instance.

“Thank God that they are [gay, black, transgender, etc.] because … when it really matters, we’ve got Americans dying … [and] getting wounded in Afghanistan because we have completely incompetent people from the top down,” Gonzales said.

Jaco Booyens, host of "The Bottom Line," chimed in. “We should play this on loop. May people never forget that one of the first acts of Joe Biden was having American soldiers die,” Booyens said.

“And for what?” Gonzales asked.

Stu Burgiere, BlazeTV host of "Stu Does America," added, “That’s the worst part … Joe Biden came in and just said, ‘You know, screw all your efforts … we’re going to let this thing blow up in everybody’s face.’”

Watch the full discussion below:

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