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OUTRAGE: Ken Paxton's salary was CUT OFF even though the law forbade it

OUTRAGE: Ken Paxton's salary was CUT OFF even though the law forbade it

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was acquitted by the Texas Senate on Saturday on 16 articles of impeachment, and Sara Gonzales is thrilled.

“What a sight to behold, our elected attorney general sitting in his office with the sign behind him,” Gonzales tells Paxton.

While Paxton is thrilled to be back as well, he admits that it’s been anything but easy — and his detractors were working overtime to make sure they got him while he was down.

“I lost all my resources, I had no campaign money left, because we’d been through a moratorium during session. I spent all my money during the campaign to win, so they knew they had me at a disadvantage,” he tells Gonzales.

While Paxton is still trying to raise money to pay his costs, those against him had as many taxpayer-funded lawyers as they wanted.

“Of course they had the media helping them; they were, you know, slipping stories to them even though there was a gag order, and then I wasn’t allowed to talk about it even if they hit me with things that were absolutely false,” he continues.

Paxton also admits he lost employees who were worried about their jobs.

“To think none of that had to happen if it weren’t for the House jamming this through with no evidence,” Gonzales says, before asking Paxton about something he revealed on Tucker Carlson’s show.

“Did I really just hear you say on Tucker last night that the Texas comptroller, Glenn Hegar, did not pay you even though he is required by law to pay you while you were forced to leave?” She asks.

“Yeah, it was an unfortunate incidence. He cut off my salary, he has no statutory authority to do that, and he knew that if I tried to fight that one, I didn’t have time,” he responds.

Hegar also knew that not only did Paxton not have time to sue, but suing in Austin would be a losing game for Paxton anyway.

“Suing in Austin is not going to be successful for me no matter what the law is. We have a lot of liberal judges here that would make a political issue out of it instead of a legal issue. But yes, he took away my salary as far as I know. I don’t have a salary back yet,” he says.

Paxton also claims that Hegar never gave him a warning; he just did it.

“When they submitted my salary, he threatened to cut off everybody’s salary in my office unless they took me out of the payroll,” he says, adding, “That’s how far Glenn Hegar went to try to keep me from getting paid.”

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