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You'll never believe what well-known journalist is on the infamous Ukrainian KILL LIST

You'll never believe what well-known journalist is on the infamous Ukrainian KILL LIST

Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, whose birth name is Michael John Cirillo, is an alleged Ukrainian military spokesperson who wants the world to know that war dissidents will be “hunted down.”

In a video Cirillo posted on social media, where he appears to be wearing a blonde wig, he says, “Next week, the teeth of the Russian devils will gnash ever harder and their rabid mouths will foam in uncontrollable frenzy, as the world will see a favorite Russian propagandist pay for their crimes.”

“And this puppet of Putin is only the first. Russia’s war criminal propagandists will all be hunted down, and justice will be served,” Cirillo continued.

In addition to the video, a Ukrainian “kill list” has been circulating that includes Human Events senior editor and host of “Human Events Daily” Jack Posobiec.

Posobiec is referred to as an “anti-Ukrainian propagandist” and “provocateur.” Elon Musk, Tucker Carlson, and Glenn Greenwald’s names are also on the list.

Real America’s Voice host Grant Stinchfield believes it’s an honor. “It’s kind of like an award though, really,” he tells Pat Gray and Sara Gonzales.

Gonzales is more concerned that our tax dollars are going to this.

“We’re paying them to participate in a war, where their country has Americans on a kill list. And we’re still giving them money,” Gonzales says, clearly disturbed.

Gray notes that some estimates of how much money Americans have provided Ukraine reach $200 billion.

“Now he wants another $21 billion in one chunk. Last week we gave, I think, $3 billion altogether,” he says.

Gonzales is tired of the over-the-top support for a country that doesn’t seem to respect the people who are funding their war — and instead is adding them to a “kill list.”

“If you have a Ukraine flag as your bumper sticker and not an American flag, and you have stuff that says like ‘Support Ukraine,’ you’re welcome to go do that. You can take a one-way flight over to Ukraine and you can go support them and help them. I’m going to choose to support my own,” she says.

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