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CNN's Jake Tapper tries to shame Dan Crenshaw over Texas illegal immigrant 'stunt' — it BACKFIRES gloriously
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CNN's Jake Tapper tries to shame Dan Crenshaw over Texas illegal immigrant 'stunt' — it BACKFIRES gloriously

On “The Rubin Report” Wednesday, BlazeTV host Dave Rubin shared a clip of CNN’s Jake Tapper asking Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw if Gov. Greg Abbott's decision to bus "nearly a thousand undocumented migrants" from the border in Texas to New York City will backfire. Instead, it’s Tapper’s question that backfired when Crenshaw pointed out the hypocrisy of the Democrats who are complaining about the impact of a few thousand migrants in their cities, while the number of undocumented migrants crossing into Texas illegally exceeds that number every day. He also pointed out that the border crisis is unfair to law-abiding immigrants and asylum-seekers who are trying to come to the United States legally.

"There's an immigration researcher at Syracuse who said that Abbott is doing these migrants, these undocumented individuals, a favor and 'practically ensuring that these migrants will be allowed to stay in the country because immigration judges in New York tend to be more lenient than immigration judges in Texas.' What do you make of this stunt, this move, whatever you want to call it by Abbott?" Tapper asked Crenshaw.

"He's sending a message," Crenshaw said of Abbott. "There's no secret there, right? This isn't a policy move. This is a move of desperation to get someone to pay attention to what we're dealing with in Texas ... which is why I support it."

Crenshaw argued that everyone who is crossing our border has the same likelihood of staying in the country, whether they are bused to New York or not.

"There's been almost two million ... apprehensions just this year. That's an unprecedented number and a huge amount of those will stay in the country because the backlogs in our system are so severe that it's going to happen anyway. And when we're talking about the New York and D.C. busing, we're talking about a few thousand immigrants. That's what we deal with on a daily basis in south Texas," Crenshaw stated.

"What [Abbott] is doing, I think, is out of desperation, and it's highly necessary because somebody has to solve this problem. This is an infringement on our sovereignty. It's an infringement on our rule of law," he added. "And you know what? It's unfair and it's immoral to the millions upon millions of good, law-abiding immigrants or asylum-seekers around the world that have no chance of getting into our system because of the backlog that people are creating because they're geographically closer to the United States and they can just walk across. It's not fair."

Watch the video clip below. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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