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Patrick Bet-David says THIS is what woke him up to the reality of politics

Patrick Bet-David says THIS is what woke him up to the reality of politics

Patrick Bet-David is the picture of success.

An Army veteran, entrepreneur, and creator of the insanely popular YouTube channel “Valuetainment,” Bet-David has done it all.

Though the content he produces isn’t quite political, Dave Rubin is curious. “Do you consider yourself a political person?” Rubin asks Bet-David.

Bet-David explains that he was raised by two extremely political and extremely different people. His mother came from a family of communists, while his father came from a family of imperialists. They divorced, remarried each other, and then divorced again.

“I didn’t like politics ‘cause I saw the fact that the two people I love the most got a divorce because of politics,” he explains. “I mean, one of them, their philosophy was 'rich people are greedy and all they care about is money,' and the other one was 'poor people are lazy.'"

Because of that, Bet-David didn’t care for politics until he started working himself. Bet-David started out with a small insurance company that grew into a massive operation, and that’s when he realized politics were actually incredibly important to him.

“I went into financial services and started competing, and then I realized politics is involved in insurance, department of insurance; politics is involved in being a cop, being a firefighter, running good business, regulation, [the] financial industry, SEC, NASD — it’s involved everywhere,” he tells Rubin.

“You were kind of right-leaning in that you were probably for small government, less regulation, less taxes,” Rubin says. “Then COVID hits and that’s what basically drove us both here.”

Bet-David confirms, adding, “I have a problem with bullies.”

“Here’s what’s going on today,” he continues. “Believe it or not, the majority will forgive people lying to them, the government lying to them. They’ll get over it. They’ll cry about it, but they’ll get over it. The majority will even tolerate being taken advantage of.”

However, he believes the government has crossed the line when it comes to kids, and parents are not going to take it lying down.

“You just woke up an animal,” he says.

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