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RFK Jr. tells Tucker Carlson the percentage of America’s wealth that belongs to the Democratic Party, and it’s both ironic and disgusting

The Rubin Report

Dave Rubin calls RFK Jr. “the last sane Democrat,” and for good reason – the guy tends to make a lot of sense.

In a recent interview, RFK Jr. explained to Tucker Carlson why the poor feel abandoned and downright hated by the Democratic Party – the party that once was sympathetic toward them.

“To fund these wars … they print money, and that means inflation, and that’s a tax on the poor,” he explains. “The price of food has gone up 38% – the price of basic foodstuff, chicken, eggs, and milk have gone up 78%.”

While most suffer to some degree, the poor are hit the hardest.

“On March 1 of this year … 30 million Americans got [the] phone call” telling them that their “food stamps were cut to $23 a month,” he continues, adding that “that’s the same month we ratcheted up our contributions to the Ukraine at $113 billion.”

Further, “the Fed printed $300 billion unanticipated dollars to pay for the failure of the Silicon Valley Bank … and we began cutting 15 million people from the welfare roll; since then 4 million have been cut.”

“There’s no money for poor Americans,” RFK Jr. tells Tucker, whose face reveals deep concern.

Granted that “the average wage in this country is $5,000 less and the cost of basic goods – food, transportation, and housing” has skyrocketed, it’s no wonder “half of Americans are making up that gap by putting it on their credit [cards].”

“This week we pass $1.1 trillion in credit card debt – that’s the first time in history.”

Then there are the people who “are choosing between food and gasoline, food and medicine.”

But it wasn’t always this way; times have changed, and certainly not for the better.

“When I grew up, my uncle was president, my father was in the Democratic Party, [which] was with people who were poor,” RFK Jr. reflects, “and today, 70% of the wealth in this country is owned by the Democratic Party and only 30% by the Republican party.”

This “shift in wealth … maybe is one of the reasons that Democrats do not seem to be talking to or working for people any more.”

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